Custom Carpentry
and Woodworking Services
on the North Shore.

Our story

With a lifelong passion for tools, woodworking, design and building I set up my own shop and company to focus my skills and efforts on unique and often overlooked projects that offer a challenge and opportunity to expand my abilities.Wrought In Wood is a playful name inspired by a novel approach to custom designs using traditional and modern materials, tools and techniques. We work with our clients to design and craft unique furniture pieces or projects that renew, restore or repair their homes.We are a small custom shop that appreciates challenging jobs and unique solutions. We also appreciate that in some instances it takes time to repair and restore homes ravaged by time and weather. If you have a project that other builders have passed over for one reason or another give us a call.


Using quality materials, the best tools and techniques available we approach every job and task with the attitude that 'Good things done well take time.'